Main events

19th International Ice Sculpture Festival "Carnival" 
Venue: February 10th-12th, 2017
Place: Pasta (Post) Island
img_8138.jpgThe Ice Sculpture festival brings thousands of visitors to Jelgava for the biggest outdoor festival of the season every year to see the works of sculptors from around the world make sculptures from 40 tons of crystal clear ice. With sculptures shining in colourful spotlights, concerts and many activites for the whole family the festival gives you the beauty and fun of winter.
Easter Promenade
Venue: April 16th, 2017
Place: Park of Jelgava palace
099e89020c56587df7a6e220b982a84e.jpgEaster in Jelgava is time when every family is invited to take a stroll through the park of Jelgava palace, look for eggs that had been hidden by Easter bunny, listen to folklore groups, dance and sing together with others and play all kind of games – egg rolling, painting on pavement, pot hitting and darting eggs into a basket. All visitors will be given the opportunity to buy all kind of treats and trinkets at the Easter Fair.
Plant Days 
Venue: May 13th-14th, 2017
Place: Park of Jelgava palace
17861818_1416966398360045_2848408411831268392_n.jpgSpring is the time when the best gardners of Latvia come to Jelgava to participate in Plant Days in the scenic Park of Jelgava Palace. Plant growers, collectors and garden supply merchants offer plants, garden decorations, fertilizers, garden tools and professional advices while local entertainers make the event festive.
Jelgava City Festival 
Venue: May 26th- 28th, 2017
Place: All around the city
a10919e78a80f2fe42a187457920d35e.jpgLast weekend of May is special to everyone here in Jelgava. Citizens and guests can plunge into our City festival that offers wide range of activities, including performances, shows, exhibitions, concerts and numerous parades.
11th Annual Sand Sculpture Festival "Summer Signs" 
Venue: June 10th, 11th, 2017
Place: Pasta (Post) Island
IMG_5422.jpgAmazing sculptures made of 600 tons of sand in the Summer Signs festival will make you look at sand in a whole different way. Here you can see art, read a story, even a history - all made of sand. Artwork of artists from around the world along concerts and activities for the whole family make this an event not to miss.
Venue: June 21st, 2017
Place: Litlle Palace Island, Pasta (Post) Island
c2b8161ccc311432fd27e3ab4223612c.jpgOld Latvian traditions come to life on the Little Palace Island on the longest day of the year. The Herb market in Duke Jacob's Square is the event that brings Līgo songs and the fresh summer smell of the herbs to the city. Cheese, diadems, beer, bread, birch-boughs – think of it and you’ll find it in the market.
XVII International festival of Milk, bread and honey 
Venue: August 26th, 2017
Place: Duke Jacob square, Pasta (Post) Island, Lielupe River
6fc3cf6bf00800d363e27defefe94154.jpgLast Saturday of August is marked by a festival that stresses importance of healthy lifestyle and significance of bread, honey and milk. One can enjoy many games, taste natural products, buy goods in a market and witness new records. The main event of the day is the milk carton boat regatta that where teams try to outdo each other in building the most amazing raft.
Metal festival and Days of Engineers 
Date and place:
September 9th - Metal festival, Pasta (Post) Island
September 8th - 10th Engineers days and PRO KART competition, Station Park (Stacijas parks)
c1e949dacdaa36de319031b6b9ffd3f0.jpgThe Metal festival is educational, informative and leisure event for inhabitants and guests where it will be possible to enjoy art and culture as well as find out about education, career and job opportunities in the area of metalworking. Jelgava is industrial city and this is the reason why metalworking skills are respected here. During the holidays Days of Engineers will take place, which motivate the young people to pay attention to mahinery and technical solutions. Jelgava city streets will transform into the "Pro - Kart" Championship track.
Celebration of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia 
Venue: November 18th 2017
Place: All around the city
img_0061.jpgConcerts in St. Anna Church and in Jelgava Culture House mark the beginning of celebration devoted to proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, while songs in Duke Jacob’s Square spread the patriotism around the city.
New Year’s Eve 
Venue: December 31st, 2017
Place: Pasta (Post) island
Ledus_skulpturu_atklasana_Billijs_Locs-0015.jpgSoon after the Christmas Tree has been lit in the Duke Jacob's Square at 29th of November, the city is preparing itself for celebration of the New Year's Eve. On December 31st, at 23 New Year's celebration will take place on Post island. And the magnificent fireworks right after the midnight 00:25 make it even more breathtaking for everyone in Jelgava.