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Name day today:Meta, Sniedze
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Friday, December 2
Local weather
Air t° 0.2 °C
Wind ZR 2.21 m/s
Precipitation -
Relative humidity 98.78 %
Visibility 2000 m
measurment 02.12.2016. 19:49
Water temperature
0 °C
City beach
measurment 02.12.2016.
Air quality
Hercoga Jēkaba laukums
NO2 2.09 μg/m3
Dust 42.69 μg/m3
RAF mikrorajons
NO2 2.04 μg/m3
Dust 40.92 μg/m3
Rūpniecības iela 77a
NO2 2.07 μg/m3
Dust 33.69 μg/m3
measurment 10.03.2016.
Currency rates *
( 02.12.2016.)
USD - 1.0642
GBP - 0.84303
New Year’s Eve Comment
Venue: December 31st, 2016
Place: Pasta (Post) island

Soon after the Christmas Tree has been lit in the Duke Jacob's Square at 29th of November, the city is preparing itself for celebration of the New Year's Eve. On December 31st, at 23 New Year's celebration will take place on Post island. And the magnificent fireworks right after the midnight 00:25 make it even more breathtaking for everyone in Jelgava.
Exhibition of paintings by Vita Merca “Autumn, Spring, Summer” Comment
Until 11 January in Jelgava St. Trinity Church Tower it will be possible to view the exhibition of the exquisite painter, former resident of Jelgava, Vita Merca "Autumn, Spring, Summer".
In The Highlight
Jelgava - Capital of Youth in Latvia 2016 Comment
In a solemn ceremony “Jelgava - Capital of Youth in Latvia 2016” our city received a symbolic cup , which means that in year 2016 Jelgava will be the epicenter of the most important youth events in Latvia.
What's On
Special dishes of Jelgava Comment
Jelgava Crafts' High school Food Laboratory has developed special dishes of the city – Duke's sail and Charlotte's kiss. The taste of these dishes reminds of the history of once mighty capital of Courland Duchy.
About Jelgava City *
Aerial view of Jelgava Palace and city
Jelgava City Coat of Arms
Jelgava (pronounced [jælɡava]), also referred to as Mītava or Mitau
Population: 60 000
Territory: 60,32 km2
Elevation: 2,5 - 4,5 m above the sea level
Climate: Warm summer and spring, relatively mild autumn, cold winter. First frosts are observed in the begining of October; first snowfalls happen in December; snow melts by the end of March.
Ethnic composition: 58,9% Latvians, 26,9% Russians, 5,6% Belarusians, 2,5% Ukrainians, 1,9% Poles, 1,4% Lithuanians, 0,8% Romanies, 2% other (2015)
Situated just 42 km away from Riga.
Hub of six main motorways and five railway lines.
Notable industrial, administrative, educational and culture centre.

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