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Thursday, September 3
Local weather
Air t° 13.67 °C
Wind DRR 2.49 m/s
Precipitation -
Relative humidity 91.58 %
Visibility 2000 m
measurment 03.09.2015. 00:37
Water temperature
22 °C
City beach
measurment 03.09.2015.
Air quality
Hercoga Jēkaba laukums
NO2 1.89 μg/m3
Dust 34.62 μg/m3
RAF mikrorajons
NO2 1.98 μg/m3
Dust 38.77 μg/m3
Rūpniecības iela 77a
NO2 1.79 μg/m3
Dust 51.23 μg/m3
measurment 27.08.2015.
Currency rates *
( 02.09.2015.)
USD - 1.1255
GBP - 0.7369
Metal festival Comment
Date and place: September 5th, Pasta (Post) Island

The Metal festival is educational, informative and leisure event for inhabitants and guests where it will be possible to enjoy art and culture as well as find out about education, career and job opportunities in the area of metalworking. Jelgava is industrial city and this is the reason why metalworking skills are respected here. During the festival different welding contests and shows take place. The event ends with  music concert.
Summer season news for travelers in Jelgava Comment

Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre (JRTC) has gathered in an informative material the news of the tourism season of this summer in Jelgava. In the material you can find ideas of how to spend the summer in Jelgava and its surrounding areas, besides suitable activities will be found by everyone – lovers of peaceful and active recreation, gourmets, families with children, young people and others.

In The Highlight
Tourism information in Jelgava wll be provided up to ten o'clock Comment
Till September 30 the Regional Tourism Center of Jelgava and the Holy Trinity Church Tower of Jelgava work according to summer working hours and during summer season, tourism information in Jelgava is provided seven days a week; moreover, six of them - up to 22:00.
What's On
Jelgava City Festival – 750th Anniversary Comment
This year Jelgava is celebrating its 750th anniversary. Inhabitants are preparing for this date very carefully, so this year is going to be very splendid, loud and unforgettable. Below you can find the list of the biggest events of 2015:
About Jelgava City *
Aerial view of Jelgava Palace and city
Jelgava City Coat of Arms
Jelgava (pronounced [jælɡava]), also referred to as Mītava or Mitau
Population: 64 279
Territory: 60,32 km2
Elevation: 2,5 - 4,5 m above the sea level
Climate: Warm summer and spring, relatively mild autumn, cold winter. First frosts are observed in the begining of October; first snowfalls happen in December; snow melts by the end of March.
Ethnic composition: 57,3% Latvians, 27,8% Russians, 5,7% Belarusians, 2,7% Ukrainians, 2% Poles, 1,4% Lithuanians, 1,2% Romanies, 1,9% other (2012)
Situated just 42 km away from Riga.
Hub of six main motorways and five railway lines.
Notable industrial, administrative, educational and culture centre.

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