Have fun


Jelgava offers a variety of active recreation possibilities to people who find peace of mind in lively movement, enjoy spending their free time with an adventurous spirit or love to get away from stress in the grat outdoors.

Leisure activities
Title Address Contact information Description
Pasta Island, 4 Pilssalas Street, Jelgava N 56 39`51``  E 23 44`05``
Telephone +371 29242520
E-mail:  jjk-nord@inbox.lv
Jelgava Yacht Club
Every day from 10 am you can rent pedalos, take a ride on a yacht or go waterskiing.
11 Rīgas Street, Jelgava
Ice rink: +371 63007220
Bowling: +371 63007700
Hockey, ice skating (skates for rent). Bowling. Hotel, conference hall. Sauna and room for 10 people.
24 Kronvalda Street, Jelgava
Telephone: +371 63020792
E-mail: info@zoc.lv
Multifunctional sports hall, track and field stadium, football fields, outdoor sports courts, beach volleyball court, BMX track, gym, conference hall, office space.
Jelgava airfield
Meiju Road, Jelgava
+371 6729596, +371 29230415, +371 29459667, +371 29501692
Skydiving from March to October.
Jelgava Tennis Centre
68a Lietuvas Highway, Jelgava
+371 63028883
Tennis lessonsm, tennis inventary shop and rent.
UL Aviation Sports Club "RAFAERO"
49 Aviācijas Street, Jelgava
+371 63011723, +37129112087, +371 63007123 (fax)
Flights on a motodeltaplane.
Balooning club
+371 25905509
Flights on a hot air baloon in/near Jelgava. Any nice day is available for flight.
"Dinian" Ltd
Water baloon attractions.
+371 29240461
Flights on a hot air balloon in/near Jelgava. Flight duration is 1 hour, departure location depends on wind direction.
Nightclubs and bars
Title Address Contact information Description
19a Lielā Street, Jelgava
Telephone: +371 63022259, +371 29234040 (Ainārs)
Fax: +371 63025378
E-mail: jelgava@krekli.lv
"Jelgavas krekli"
"Jelgavas krekli" is the only musical club in Zemgale region where the joyful people of Jelgava gather to listen to popular Latvian rock, pop or light music performed on stage at least once a week.
Night club "Tonuss"
12 Uzvaras Street, Jelgava
Telephone: +371 29900999
E-mail: info@tonuss.lv
The latest dance music on two dance floors, in four bars and a tasteful chill out zone is just part of what night club "Tonuss" has to offer.
Café- Cocktail lounge “Chocolate&Pepper”
6 Krišjāņa Barona Street, Jelgava
+371 63024925, +371 63024927, +371 27093991
E-mail: info@chocolateandpepper.lv
The only Cocktail lounge in Jelgava with wide choice of alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails and drinks. At least 10 ice-cream cocktails for children. Tasty dishes. Progressive music and wonderful atmosphere for all the public. Attractive interior. Exciting entertainments. Working hours: from 11.00AM till 02.00AM.
"Melno Cepurīšu Balerija"
20 Raiņa Street, Jelgava
"MC Balerija"
"Melno Cepurīšu Balerija" is an alternative culture bar-gallery that offers l;ive music performances by the upcoming Latvian bands on weekends as well as exhibitions and other cultural events.