Tickets to the Ice Sculpture festival in Jelgava

On February 7th to 9th  Jelgava City invites to the 22nd International Ice Sculpture festival - the largest gathering of ice superheroes in the Baltics. Ice art, demonstrations of sculpture making, an extensive cultural program and other surprises. Read more

The rules for the leading of drons must be followed by each of its owners

The use of drones is governed by the new Cabinet Regulations, which came into force in the summer of 2019,   as   well   as   the   aviation   law   and   the   EU   regulation .  The   requirements   apply   to   anyone   operating   flights   with   drone ,   organising... Read more

Merchants are invited to trade at Christmas market

Christmas trade fair will be held on December 1st from 15pm to 18.30pm on the Duke Jacob’s Square, where not only holiday themed goods will be available for townspeople and guests, but visitors will also have the opportunity to witness the lighting up of the main Christmas tree of the city at 17-18:00pm. Read more

Sculptors are invited to participate in XXII International Ice Sculpture festival

The International Ice Sculpture festival will be held in Jelgava for the 22nd time on February 2nd to 9th 2020. The event has gained recognition and popularity among Latvian and foreign guests and artists, and this year’s contest looks promising already - organized with the subject matter "Superheroes". Read more