Sand sculpture park is open to visitors

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Since the 20th of June the sand sculpture park on Pasta (Post) island is open, inviting every citizen and visitor of Jelgava to enter the wonderful world of sand art. The traditional Sand sculpture festival leads its 14th year not as a contest but as a large-scale exhibition dedicated to the history of Jelgava, offering 10 works of art, which tell the story of the city spanning 755 years. Read more

Jelgava ranked in the list of TOP 10 European cities of the future

Jelgava was ranked as one of the winners of the FDi’s (Foreign Direct Investment) European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21 ranking. The FDI Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data for more than 500 locations, also under category FDI Strategy, for which there were 161 submissions. Read more

With Jelgava in our heart we will celebrate the city's 755th anniversary

This year, the city of Jelgava celebrates its 755th anniversary. In the month of the city festival in May, Jelgava residents, guests, as well as close and distant friends are invited to celebrate the holiday at home with their family with Jelgava in their hearts. Everyone with the motto "Mēs esam Jelgava" (We are Jelgava) is invited to engage in creative activities, feel a sense of community... Read more

The rules for the leading of drons must be followed by each of its owners

The use of drones is governed by the new Cabinet Regulations, which came into force in the summer of 2019, as well as the aviation law and the EU regulation. The requirements apply to anyone operating flights with drone, organising drone flights and owning or managing a drone. High-risk flights need to pass the pilot test and also to insure the flight. Read more

New map of city bus routes has been created

"Jelgavas autobusu parks" Ltd. has developed a new city public transport route scheme, which allows passengers to navigate city bus routes much more conveniently. The map of Jelgava shows in details the timetable of each bus route and its stops. New maps are now being launched at stops - in total, around 90 city bus stops. Read more