Chamotte sculptures are glowing for the ninth time in Jelgava

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On the shortest night of the year, the summer solstice, large-format pottery works glowed on the Pasta island to complement the existing chamotte sculpture park. This year, the artists dedicated their works to the memory of Alexander Dyachenko, the artistic director of International Large-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Symposium, and they can be seen by every visitor to the island. Read more

Jelgava public report for 2020 is available

The public report of Jelgava City Municipality for the past year has been published. The information gathered in it says that last year 696 newborns were registered in the city, 220 new companies were registered, and despite the decline in economic activities caused by the pandemic, the average wage has increased. In 2020, it has risen by 48 euros. Read more

The largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics welcomes visitors

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A sand sculpture park has been opened on Pasta Island, inviting Jelgava residents and city guests to take a look at the wonderful world of sand art. Sand sculptures can be seen in Jelgava for the fifteenth year. The theme "Latvians in the World - from Idea to Legend" has been chosen for the anniversary year, depicting world legends and their connection with our country in the sculptures. The... Read more

Saturday evening - musical walk in the castle park "Dream of a summer night"

On Saturday, June 19, at 8.30 pm, cellist Maksims Beitāns and guitarist Andijs Rožkalns invite you to a musical walk "Dream of a Summer Night" in the western wing of Jelgava Castle to spend the evening in a romantic summer mood. Read more

Large-format ceramic sculptures are made on the Pasta island

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From June 22, everyone will be able to see the works of the International Large-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Symposium on Pasta island. This time sculptures are being created in memory of the artistic director of the symposium Alexander Dyachenko, who has passed away this year. Read more

Jelgava emphasizes the possibilities of the future in the application to the European Capital of Culture

The city of Jelgava has prepared an application to the European Capital of Culture competition, the program pays attention to the city's future opportunities - in the fields of culture, creative industries, environment and education with the motto "Tabula rasa", informs the municipal institution "Kultūra". Read more

Swimming is allowed in Lielupe swimming areas

The water quality inspection carried out by the Zemgale Control Division of the Public Health Department of the Health Inspection on 7 June shows that the water quality in the official swimming areas of Jelgava - Lielupe right bank and Pasta Island - meets the requirements and swimming is allowed there. Read more

Some of the sand sculptures are ready; the sand park will be open from 19 June

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Already on Saturday, June 19, the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics will open its doors to visitors on Pasta Island - Latvian achievements in the world will be shown in 12 works. Some of the sculptures are already ready, including the tallest sculpture, which exceeds seven meters and depicts basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis, but other works are still being created. The artists... Read more

Sand art works will show Latvians’ achievements in the world

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This year large sand sculptures in Jelgava will honor the most ambitious achievements of Latvians, including Mark Rothko's art, "Minox" camera, crocodile Dandy prototype, world's first hologram, "Levi's" jeans, Kristaps Porziņģis's success and others. Continuing the format started last year, also this year the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics will be open to Jelgava residents and... Read more

A map of the Noble Trees in Jelgava has been made

During the month of Jelgava festival, places where the city's Noble Trees grow were gathered by Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre (JRTC), so that anyone can take a walk in the urban environment to see its older "residents". Read more

Persons from social risk groups receive bedclothes

As a result of cooperation between the city of Jelgava and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Latvia, at the end of January the municipality received a donation of 20 000 euros from the UAE Red Crescent movement for purchase of bedclothes and other inventory for people in social risk groups in Jelgava. At the end of the first of two planned procurements, from March 24 in Jelgava... Read more

Traffic will be controlled using smart technologies

Starting in April, a new study will be conducted in Jelgava. Using smart techologies, the flow of traffic in Lielā street will be examined in detail and traffic violations will be recorded - for instance, movement of trucks on Lielā street or prolonged parking. Upon recording such violations, operational services will be notified. Read more