Traffic will be controlled using smart technologies

Starting in April, a new study will be conducted in Jelgava. Using smart techologies, the flow of traffic in Lielā street will be examined in detail and traffic violations will be recorded - for instance, movement of trucks on Lielā street or prolonged parking. Upon recording such violations, operational services will be notified. Read more

Test drive with hydrogen-powered bus in the streets of Jelgava

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Continuing the research on the use of green energy of hydrogen in city vehicles, Ltd "Jelgavas autobusu parks" (JAP) starts testing the hydrogen-powered bus of the company "Solaris Bus & Coach" on the 22nd route Jelgava station – Asteru Street. Jelgava is the first in the Baltic States to start these test drives. The only emissions from this bus are water, and it can travel up to 400... Read more

2020: year in review

With the beginning of 2021 new events are coming. But we offer to take a look at what the year 2020 marked on the pages of Jelgava's history. It was the year of 755th anniversary of Jelgava and the year that will definitely stay in our memory as special, because we lived, worked and studied in an unprecedented situation. However, despite global events, we will remember last year with a victory... Read more

8787 – 24/7 support phone in Jelgava city

Everyone in Jelgava city have access to the free support phone 8787 of Municipality operative information centre (Centre), which operates 24/7 and is a way to report any problem to solve it as operationally prevented as possible. Read more

The reconstructed street Loka Maģistrāle has been formally opened

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The two-year reconstruction of the 4.7 kilometre long transit road has been completed and opened for traffic. It is one of the largest construction projects in the city, involving significant amount of financial contribution. The completion of the project is an important step in the further development of the city and will serve for both - development of businesses in the surrounding territory... Read more

The National Holiday we celebrate in our hearts and families

With Latvia in our hearts we will celebrate the 102nd birthday of the Latvian State on 18th November. We will affirm the common values, love and respect of our homeland for our people and State, creating a sense of celebration in everyone's family and home. Read more

Forest and autumn gifts in Jelgava Restaurant week

From October 12th to 18th everyone is invited to taste meals based on seasonal ingredients grown in Latvia in five Jelgava Restaurants during the Autumn Restaurant Week. Read more

Sand Sculpture park available free of charge

The season of the sand sculpture park ended on October 1, but as the sand artworks are still in good condition, it has been decided that from October 6 the sculptures on the Pasta (Post) Island will be available free of charge. Read more

Museum has renewed the prehistoric and medieval exhibition

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Jelgava  History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass has renewed its exhibition "Prehistoric and medieval times in Semigallia", which is now available for visitors. The exhibition spans thousands of years of history - paleolithic age through medieval times. It features objects mostly from the collection of Kurland Provincial Museum and Athenaeum, but several new finds have been added... Read more

New wooden sculptures are created for Pasta island

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By continuing a tradition put in motion by the event "Forest comes to Jelgava", this year five sculptors have spent a week creating sculptures of fairytale characters during the yearly wooden sculpture symposium "Second breath". The sculptures will be featured in the Southern part of Pasta island, in the newly created "Happiness park". Read more

The rules for the leading of drons must be followed by each of its owners

The use of drones is governed by the new Cabinet Regulations, which came into force in the summer of 2019, as well as the aviation law and the EU regulation. The requirements apply to anyone operating flights with drone, organising drone flights and owning or managing a drone. High-risk flights need to pass the pilot test and also to insure the flight. Read more

Sand sculpture park is open to visitors

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Since the 20th of June the sand sculpture park on Pasta (Post) island is open, inviting every citizen and visitor of Jelgava to enter the wonderful world of sand art. The traditional Sand sculpture festival leads its 14th year not as a contest but as a large-scale exhibition dedicated to the history of Jelgava, offering 10 works of art, which tell the story of the city spanning 755 years. Read more