Invitation to participate in Technology and Innovation Festival “Mehatrons”


On September 6th to 8th in the city of Jelgava, the technology and innovation festival called "Mehatrons" will take place, merging the already known and traditional "Engineers Days” and "Festival of Metal". On 7th of September on the Pasta (Post) Island, visitors of the festival will have the opportunity not only to watch Robotics competition, but also to familiarize themselves with educational institutions, in which engineering can be studied as well as the companies in which engineering knowledge is applied. Meanwhile, from September 6th to 8th fans of speed and twists and thrills in the sports complex "Rullītis" will be able to participate in disciplines such as 5th stage of PRO-KART Championship, agility ride, speed circle, mini dragrace and drift.

All the inventors, whether they are pupils, students or experienced scientists and innovators, are invited to apply for participation with their inventions in MINOX Zemgale 2019. Additionally, representatives of catering companies are invited to participate in the festival as well: it is an opportunity to offer and promote the services of the company.


Application information:

  • For entrepreneurs, craftsmen, artists, collectors: upon filling in the application, please indicate company name, name, surname, type of activity, goods/services proposed, activity providers (for contests), the area required (in square meters), and/or need for power supply as well as information on possible trading activities.
  • For inventors: indicate name, surname, name of the invention, short description of the invention, activity providers (for contests), the area required (in square meters), and/or need for power supply.
  •  Caterers: Priority will be given to companies with "metal styled" design as the number of the caterers at this festival is limited.

Send your applications no later than 20th of August to following e-mail or apply by phone: 63012155, 63012169, 28342419.


Organizers inform - filming and photography will take place during the event. The captured material may be reproduced and distributed without restriction.


Photo: Jelgava City



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