Large-format ceramic sculptures are made on the Pasta island


From June 22, everyone will be able to see the works of the International Large-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Symposium on Pasta island. This time sculptures are being created in memory of the artistic director of the symposium Alexander Dyachenko, who has passed away this year.

Producer of the municipal institution "Kultūra" Gundars Caune says that this year large-scale sculptures are created by Latvian artists Ilze Emse-Grīnberga, Mārīte Margareta Djačenko together with Kristīne Djačenko and Jānis Leimanis. However, taking into account safety measures, this year the work of Lithuanian artists Viļus Šļuzelis and Irena Šļuzeliene has already been completed in Šiauliai and is on the way to Jelgava, so it will be a special surprise not only for the visitors of the chamotte sculpture park, but also for other symposium participants.


One of the sculptures is created by the wife of the artistic director Mārīte and his daughter Kristīne, continuing the work of the symposium initiator in Jelgava. Alexander Dyachenko passed away this year. The artistic director of this year's symposium, Jānis Leimanis, supervises the creation of all works.


Until the end of the week before Midsummer, the artists will be actively working on the Pasta island so that visitors can appreciate the large-scale ceramic sculptures from June 22.



Photo: Jelgava city


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