New opportunities for recreation in Jelgava's waters


In the past few years possibilities for summer tourism in Jelgava have increased. The city can be viewed not only from a leisure boat, but also while on a paddle boat, SUP and new for this season - an electric boat with grill. During sunny days water recreation possibilities are in demand and a single rental place can see up to 100 visitors per day. However, everyone is still urged to remember that there are a number of rules to be observed while on water.

The city has three rental places for water sport and recreation, a yacht club, as well as other possibilities for water activities. If only a couple of years ago the offer for recreation on water in Jelgava was very alike, now there are a total of 30 paddle boats, 20 SUPs, the river flow can be enjoyed with seven rowboats, but lovers of active recreation can go on boat rides in one of 40 canoe boats. Rides on rivers Lielupe and Driksa are also offered by many leisure boats, which accomodate passengers in docks by Čakstes boulevard promenade. Jelgava also offers two public beaches.


Service providers explain that the choice of vacationers is mainly dictated by the weather. Rental of watercrafts is not available during bad weather which means the hotter are the sunny days, the more often vacationers choose to spend afternoons and evenings on water. "Usually our rental place sees about 50 clients during workdays, but weekends see an increase in visitors. Most often - in about 80 percent of all cases - people choose paddle boats, but SUPs are also rented, as well as the new mega SUP, which can hold up to seven people," informs representative of rental place "Pelikāns" next to the restaurant "Pilsētas elpa". Usually watercrafts can be rented until 10 or 11 PM, but rental place in Pasta sala 3 offers special paddle boats for riding during night. SUPs can be rented for 5 to 40 euros based on how long they're used, but paddle boats can be rented for 3 to 5 euros per hour.


As informed by Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre (JRTC), the possibilities for recreation on water are a point of interest for visitors and nearly every tenth visitor asks about them. Since the 15th of May till 30th of June nearly 7000 people have inquired about the possiblities for recreation on water.


New for this season is an electric boat offered by "Migo City". Company's co-owner Mārtiņš Gedominskis informs that while consulting with colleagues, he found out about boat builders "Dole Marine" based in Latvia, building electric boats. A boat was purchased from them, which can hold up to eight people - it features a grill, table, sound system, lighting and a parasol. The boat acts as an alternative to current water tourism offer, because it can be driven by anyone, and every ride is also an event, tells M.Gedominskis. Rent price for the boat - 25 euros per hour.


Possibilities to spend time on water are offered in many events throughout summer. Twice per month, until the 22nd of September the waters of Lielupe river host family canoe competition, but boat rides are organized by "". More information about events and possiblities for recreation in waters of Jelgava can be found on sites and


It should be noted that for nearly three years now water traffic in Jelgava is regulated by municipal rules, paying special attention to shipping and water recreation. Watercrafts can only be used on a set route in coordination with JRTC, and during rides watercrafts may not enter swimming spaces. Also, while on a watercraft, everyone should wear a life vest and comply to rules set by rental places.


There are also signs in Lielupe and Driksa to regulate water traffic. determining such things as speed of boats or certain prohibitions. Compliance with shipping regulations is overseen by patrols of water police.



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