New wooden sculptures are created for Pasta island


By continuing a tradition put in motion by the event "Forest comes to Jelgava", this year five sculptors have spent a week creating sculptures of fairytale characters during the yearly wooden sculpture symposium "Second breath". The sculptures will be featured in the Southern part of Pasta island, in the newly created "Happiness park".

Producer for institution "Kultūra" Gundars Caune informs that, since the symposium began, a big focus is put on fairytales, and this year five new characters will come to life in wood. "Wooden sculpture symposium started eight years ago as present for city's kindergartens, but this year sculptures will await children in Pasta island." G.Caune adds that some sculptures will be over 2 meters tall.


Work of sculptors will be familiar to those, who have visited past festivals in Jelgava. Māris Gailis will create a wooden goat, Zigmunds Bielis will tell the tale "Mosquitoes and horse", Gundards Kozlovskis will make fox, but a wooden cat will be the work of Agnese Rudzīte-Kirillova. Sculptor Donāts Mockus will bring to life a Lithuanian fairytale "Egle, the queen of grass snakes".


During many years of the symposium a total of 22 sculptures have been created. The newest one - work of M.Gailis and G.Kozlovskis - "Time train" was created last year and is now located in Ozolskvērs.



Photo: Jelgava City


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