Support during an emergency


Solutions have been found to provide assistance to the inhabitants affected during the emergency, both in the country and in the city of Jelgava.

24/7 support – 8787

Inhabitants of Jelgava can receive 24/7 support by contacting the Municipality operative information centre at 8787. Each case will be evaluated and a possible solution will be offered. To increase access to information in an emergency, we encourage citizens to register for early warning system



By the end of the school year, 1st to 9th grade students, high school students and pre-school students from poor, low-income or large families are provided with a food allowance - a food package worth EUR 12 per student.


Crisis benefit for families

A family (person) whose state is unable to provide for its basic needs due to an emergency situation shall be granted a crisis benefit of EUR 80 per family member per month for one calendar month after the end of the emergency during a national emergency.


Real estate tax

Real estate tax payment deadlines are postponed from May 15 to July 1, and from August 15 to October 1. In November it remains unchanged - November 16.


Municipal rent relief

Merchants who lease municipal property and wish to receive rent relief during the crisis, fulfilling the criteria provided for in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, are granted rent relief.


Municipal funding for private kindergartens and nannies

Jelgava municipality continues to provide financial support to the current extent to all private educational institutions and private childcare providers or nannies, regardless of the number of children currently attending the institution.


European support

Residents in crisis have the opportunity to receive European Support Fund food, hygiene and household items. Contact the Jelgava Social Affairs Department at 63048914, 63007224 for the procedure for receiving kits during working hours.


Facilities for self-isolation

Jelgava residents who need self-insolation and it is not possible to provide it in their place of residence, Jelgava City Municipality provides the necessary service by offering premises.


Catering service

Jelgava City Municipality identifies entrepreneurs, shops, catering service providers in Jelgava and who would be ready to get involved in cooperation with the municipality, non-governmental organizations and volunteers. We invite you to support local entrepreneurs!


Involvement of service providers

Service providers who would be ready to get involved in cooperation with the municipality, non-governmental organizations and volunteers are invited to apply by calling 63005567, 63005556.


Restrictions and safety

Residents are invited to be responsible and to report non-compliance with the rules on assembly and distancing to the State Police by phone 110 or Jelgava Municipal Police by phone 8550. During the emergency situation, the discipline of the people and the example and attitudes of those around us is very important. In cases when the specified measures are not conformed corresponding administrative or criminal liability is imposed.


For more information contact Municipality operative information centre - 8787.



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