Business possibilities

NP Jelgava Business Park


Adress: 18 Aviācijas Street, Jelgava

Location: 42 km from Riga, 2 km from the highway, Access to railway

Total area: 23 ha

Area of rented premises: 107 700 sq. m. including Production / storage premises 94 700 sq. m. Class B office space 5184 sq. m.


NP Jelgava Business Park is one of the largest reconstructed industrial parks in Latvia with total area of 23 ha, offering rental space that exceeds 107 000 sq. m. Since it used to be the largest car building factory in the Baltic States, it can provide producers with high capacity energy supply and very spacious production premises. NP Jelgava Business Park has a strategically advantageous location in Jelgava, a city regarded as one of Latvia's industrial centres with highly developed infrastructure and historic manufacturing traditions. It promotes attraction of qualified labour force and rapid growth.


The geographic location of the park is especially favourable in terms of transportation of goods. There is a railroad crossing in the city where the East-West and North-South railway lines intersect, besides, the bypass, which is just 2 km away, connects to the Jelgava - Riga highway and leads from Jelgava to the border of Lithuania, going further to the Western Europe. Although the large-scale reconstruction works are still in progress, it is possible already now to rent spacious and fully reconstructed premises for storage, production and office space tailored for the needs of the client. NP Jelgava Business Park also accommodates the highest office building with a great view on the urban landscape. The tenants are engaged in processing of metal, glass and rubber, production of corrugated cardboard, processing of plastic etc.