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Industrial territories, commercial areas, business premises in Jelgava


Company name Ltd "NP Jelgavas biznesa parks"

Phone: + 371 66140000

Address Aviācijas street 18, Jelgava

- Total area 23 ha

- Production and warehouse premises 67 408 m²,

- Office space 4 426 m²
Additional information It is possible to provide producers with a high-power energy supply and especially large production facilities
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Company name Ltd „MADARA” and JSC „Jelgavas mašīnbūves rūpnīca”

Commercial director Serlāna Bila

Phone: +371 27 807 777,




  • Kr.Barona street 40
  • Rūpniecības street 39
  • Salnas street 28
  • Viskaļu street 78 B

- Premises in the area of ​​100 m² up to 10,000 m²;

- Basic rent 1 EUR / m²;

- Full provision of engineering communications for production needs;

- Electricity capacity up to 15 MW;

- Industrial steam in cooperation with the neighboring company Fortum;

- Railway access to Jelgava station, with a crane goat and storage area;

- Adaptation of the premises to the client's needs, including construction;

- Security: traffic and pedestrian flow control;

- Well-groomed environment: seasonal management of areas.

Additional info MADARA with its subsidiary JSC "Jelgavas mašīnbūves rūpnīca" is the largest lessor of industrial and office premises in Jelgava with 25 years of experience in the rental business, currently cooperates and serves more than 100 tenants in 4 industrial objects in Jelgava
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Company name Mītavas Kvartāls

Phone: +371 29998919

Address Dobeles šoseja 2, Jelgava

Commercial premises

- Premises for shops in the area from 20 m2 to 800 m2;

- Premises for service providers on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor from 20 m2 to 600 m2 (there are rooms with sewerage, water connection, with cosmetic repairs);

- Warehouse premises - 50-600 m2;

- Production premises 100-1000 m2;

- Parking lots;

- Rental of land plots for commercial needs;

- Video surveillance, alarm, parking for customers and tenants

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Industrial building territory in the quarter between the railway, Prohorova Street, Neretas Street, Rubeņu Road and Garozas Street


Revitalized industrial territory in the area of ​​~ 14 ha. This is the only Jelgava territory intended for industrial construction in the Lielupe basin, which is connected to the main railway network and has historically had the possibility of mooring for water transport. Most of this industrial area is planned to be developed as an industrial park, where manufacturing companies will be located. As the territory is located on the bank of the Lielupe, it is also possible to develop water transport for bulky and non-standard cargo transportation for the development and inclusion of both existing and unused production facilities in the economic cycle. Taking into account that a railway access road has been built for the territory, its reconstruction is possible in the future.


Multifunctional logistics center

Project area - former Jelgava airfield - 500 hectares of municipal land. According to the long-term development plan of Jelgava city, it is planned to develop this territory for business and economy by 2030.


1. Airport (cargo) with 3.6 km of runway, parking lot, access roads and necessary infrastructure;

2. Railway logistics center with a developed railway network, which includes a container terminal, full-length access roads, a network of inland roads and adjacent lands. Estimated capacity - 500,000 containers per year;

3. Development of the Jelgava River cargo terminal on the Lielupe River for connection with the Riga Seaport (40 km).


The multifunctional logistics center is the separation of intermediate cargo and containers between all port regions and consignees in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia, as well as shippers, connecting the above ports in all modes of transport (sea, rail, road and air).


The logistics center will also offer Customs warehousing services at the airport, train station and seaport logistics centers to provide better services to consignees who need to handle transhipments in preparation for transhipment and assembly of goods before they are diverted to their destination. This will include a range of services, storage, marking, assembly, sorting, cargo handling from containers to trailers, aircraft in both directions, for all existing cargo carriers, transport and docking companies.