Coat of Arms

2de60276ccc469bea83a7dd0204d9cf2.jpgAs approved by the National Heraldry Committee on the 11th of July, 2002, the Coat of arms of Jelgava depicts elk head on crimson red background, wearing the Small National Emblem.



ed9c68100f9d6d55bc5a561784612d24.jpgApproved on October 28, 1938.
A law regarding the flag of the city was issued by president Kārlis Ulmanis, on October 29, 1938.


Mayoral Chain of City

7624946d0fcb69d2f5a1187feb3cef5d.jpgYet another symbol of the City, made in only one copy is the Mayoral chain of City. 56 chains made, and were presented to mayors on November 15, 1937.


Honour badge

1f8ec9d8bac499b6539575f34eb1b8df.jpgThe newest symbol of the city is Honour badge which was approved of in 1998, on the day when Latvia celebrated its 80 years anniversary – November 18. Creation of such decoration was the initiative of the ex-Chairman Uldis Ivans.


Elk mascot

IMG_0791.JPGAlnītis (or  Elk in English) is the lovable mascot of Jelgava city. He appears in city festivities melting the hearts of children and amusing grownups alike.