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Approved on October 28, 1938. A law regarding the flag of the city was issued by president Kārlis Ulmanis, on October 29, 1938.


1. Jelgava city has its own flag. It is divided into two equal parts: the upper part is dark blue, the lower part – purple; the coat of arms of Jelgava is in the centre.

2. Private persons and organisations may not use flag of Jelgava, with or without the coat of arms, in the flags or badges of organisations. In all the other cases private persons and organisations may use the flag or its model with permission granted on one special occasion only, issued by board of the city.

3. More detailed specifications about usage of the flag is developed by the Board of Jelgava city, and are approved by the Ministry of Interior.

Signed by K. Ulmanis
President of State and Ministers
Riga, October 28, 1938