8787 – 24/7 support phone in Jelgava city


Everyone in Jelgava city have access to the free support phone 8787 of Municipality operative information centre (Centre), which operates 24/7 and is a way to report any problem to solve it as operationally prevented as possible.

Centre register and systematize each call in order to update the range of issues that most people are asking for help on and answers every question. Admittedly, the issues are very diverse, but the main themes and reasons are divided.


Support phone 8787 is available 24/7 in any crisis situation. Centre is looking for a possible solution for each problem. You can also ask questions on Centre accounts on Twitter and Facebook. As well you are invited to send in issues on interactive map by marking a specific location or by writing to e-mail: poic@poic.jelgava.lv.



Photo: Jelgava City


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Jelgava City Council

Public Relations Department


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