Jelgava City Municipality Auction Commission is organizing real estate oral auction


Jelgava City Municipality Auction Commission on June 27, 2022 at 16.45 Liela Street 11, Room 207, is organizing  real estate with cadastral number 09000230031 Šūmaņu ceļš 2, Jelgava, consisting of 6 (six) land units with a total area of ​​1118580 m2 (hereinafter - Real Estate) oral auction of building rights with an ascending step and the selection of bidders between the persons who, when submitting the tender application, undertake:

1. to build a solar energy production park on the Real Estate and the engineering structures necessary for its functioning (hereinafter - the Object);

2. To start the construction of the facility no later than 31 December 2022;

3. To put the object into operation no later than 31 December 2024;

4. To provide not less than 10 (ten) workplaces at the facility, within one month after its commissioning;

5. To invest not less than 60 mln. EUR (sixty million), broken down by year: in 2022, not less than  25 million eur (twenty-five million euros), in 2023 - not less than 30 million eur (thirty million eur), in 2024 - not less than 5 million euro (five million eur).

6. To fulfill the real estate building rights in the auction regulations 8.1.6. - 8.1.12. points.


Real estate building rights auction starting price - building rights fee per year without value added tax 33410.00 euros (thirty-three thousand four hundred and ten euros, 00 cents), auction step 1000.00 euros (one thousand euros, 00 cents), auction registration fee 30000.00 euros (thirty thousand euros, 00 cents).


The registration of bidders is started after the publication of the notice in the official publication "Latvijas Vēstnesis", in accordance with the provisions of the auction.


The auction bidder or ones authorized person until 14 June 2022 at 16.00 can send he documents specified in the auction regulations by post, submit them to the municipality (Lielā Street 11, Jelgava, by prior appointment by phone 63005522, 63005537) or send electronically (electronic document must be prepared in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding the development and execution of electronic documents) by sending it to e-mail address


The auction rules are available on the website in the section "municipality/advertisements".




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