The reconstructed street Loka Maģistrāle has been formally opened


The two-year reconstruction of the 4.7 kilometre long transit road has been completed and opened for traffic. It is one of the largest construction projects in the city, involving significant amount of financial contribution. The completion of the project is an important step in the further development of the city and will serve for both - development of businesses in the surrounding territory as well as for transportation needs of Jelgava's residents, as it will contribute to the construction of the planned northern bypass - formed by Loka Maģistrāle, the perspective northern crossing over the Lielupe and Driksai and Atmodas Street.

Several adjacent streets were rebuild as well, which were used as bypasses during the reconstruction process. In total, 6.4 kilometres of bypass roads have been paved, and opened for traffic.


Construction works on the Loka Maģistrāle started on September 3, 2018 and were completed on September 30, 2020. According to the concluded construction agreement, the reconstruction works on the from Kalnciems road to the administrative border of the city - more than 4 km long, were performed by the general partnership "RERE vide – Hidrostatyba".


Outcome of reconstruction of Loka Maģistrāle:

  • 4, 65 km of transit road in total length rebuilt and paved

  • 4 rotation circles built;

  • cobbled sidewalks introduced; paved cycle track implemented;

  • improved parking lots for a total of 209 transport units;

  • recreation areas with tourist information stands built;

  • traffic organization and safety improved using 564 road signs;

  • 2 speed displays installed;

  • 38 new video surveillance cameras installed, including cameras for car number plate recognition;

  • total reconstructed area - 327,745 m2;

  • environmental accessibility improved, guidelines;

  • 10 public transport stops installed;

  • 71 bicycle holders for 142 bicycles installed;

  • 166 new trees planted; 1556 bushes; 267 other plants;

  • 32 flower pots placed;

  • underground engineering network constructed in the length of 7447.46 m;

  • sidetrack roads renovated and improved.

Project "Reconstruction of the Loka Maģistrāle in the section from Kalnciems road to the administrative border of Jelgava city" No. was implemented by the Cohesion Fund co-financed project Operational Program "Growth and Employment" 6.1.4. Specific support objective "Connecting urban infrastructure to the TEN T network" within the framework of the measure "Integration of Development Centers of National Importance into the TEN T Network". The total project costs are EUR 21,679,350.03 - Cohesion Fund financing EUR 12 795 946 state budget grant to local governments EUR 564 527.03 and local government financing EUR 8 318 877.00.



Photo: Jelgava City


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Jelgava City Council

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