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Sākumlapa NewsFree consultation, legal and translation services are available to third-country nationals
Free consultation, legal and translation services are available to third-country nationals

The one-stop agency of the Community Integration Fund (CIF), which operates at Skolotāju Street 8 in Jelgava, is expanding its range of services. Along with diverse informative and practical support, in line with the needs of citizens of third countries, translation services for free and legal assistance are offered to this target group in Latvia. On the other hand, psychologist and psychotherapist consultations will also be introduced in the near future.

The CIF Zemgale branch in Jelgava started its work in September 2023 and provides daily informational support to citizens of third countries and recipients of international protection – refugees, persons granted alternative status, and asylum seekers – who are legally staying on the territory of Latvia. “When planning or starting a life in Latvia, foreigners have many questions – about residence permits, work opportunities, health care services, family reunification and others. Our added value is the ability to listen and help solve immigration-related issues in one place,” says Snežana Zenovjeva, customer consultant of CIF Zemgale branch.

In addition to individual consultations, the agency also provides translation services and legal assistance. The translation service is available in more than 24 languages, and in this case it is an opportunity to receive both oral translation (online or remote) and written translation, which allows to translate any document related to incorporation into Latvia. “We can use the translation service to ensure the client’s communication with employees of various institutions, private individuals, including landlords, employers and others, depending on the client’s needs. For example, it was once used when a foreign client went to the doctor to ensure communication between the client and his family doctor. At the same time, we also hire a translator for the translation of various client documents to be submitted to institutions,” said S. Zenovjeva, explaining: if necessary, the translated documents can also be notarized at no additional cost.

Legal advice is also available on a wide range of issues, such as the procedures for receiving and extending temporary and permanent residence permits, labor law, commercial law, employment issues, administrative law issues and many others.

Zenovjeva adds that in the near future the agency will also provide psychologist and psychotherapist consultations. It is planned that they will be available both as individual consultations and group lessons.

It should be noted that CIF offers a wide range of information free of charge in accordance with the needs of the target group, both in person and in online consultations. In order to receive a consultation from a CIF employee, apply for translation or legal advice, the client should contact the CIF Zemgale branch in person or by calling or writing a message on WhatsApp by phone (+371) 25915300. You can follow the current information on the website www.integration.lv and on the Facebook account “Integration” and Inclusion Agency”.