The National Holiday we celebrate in our hearts and families


With Latvia in our hearts we will celebrate the 102nd birthday of the Latvian State on 18th November. We will affirm the common values, love and respect of our homeland for our people and State, creating a sense of celebration in everyone's family and home.

On 18th November at the monument of Jānis Čakste, the first President of Latvia, flowers will be laid throughout the day.


During the National Holiday Month, every Jelgava inhabitant can create a feeling of celebration by creating greetings and light compositions at their private houses, in apartment windows and on balconies, while Jelgava city schools, kindergartens, institutions and companies are invited to create light compositions in their national holiday mood.


To summarize created compositions, everyone is invited to send photos to e-mail or Jelgava city Facebook page and use hashtag #mesesamjelgava to post images in social media.


It is recalled that not only epidemiological security measures, but also fire protection rules, should be observed when designing light compositions.


At the same time, during the national holiday, the municipality invites Jelgava inhabitants to raise the national flag at their homes and companies and as well use the small national or Jelgava city flag attached to their car in order to create a festive mood in the urban environment.



Photo: Jelgava City


Information prepared by

Jelgava City Council

Public Relations Department


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