Traffic will be controlled using smart technologies


Starting in April, a new study will be conducted in Jelgava. Using smart techologies, the flow of traffic in Lielā street will be examined in detail and traffic violations will be recorded - for instance, movement of trucks on Lielā street or prolonged parking. Upon recording such violations, operational services will be notified.

In spring of 2020 "WeAreDots" Ltd. and scientific company "LĀSMA" in cooperation with Jelgava city council began work on project "Multiobject detection and tracking for observation of vehicle traffic: 3D LiDAR and camera data merging". The project by "WeAreDots" and "LĀSMAS" is realised during a project, supported by the IT competence center and is funded by European Structural and Investment Funds.


Signis Rīns, Development adviser to the Chairman of Jelgava city council, explains: "The aim of this project is to create new information technology solutions and research the integration of smart technolgies in control and analysis of traffic flow in the city. This, in part, would allow us to improve traffic flow planning in Jelgava, as well as traffic safety and public order."


During this project smart technologies are being installed in Lielā street between Akadēmijas and Pasta street, such as 3D scanning device "LiDAR" and multpile cameras. Multiple parking spaces will be equipped with technologies which will be able to note if vehicle has been parked for a longer period of time than allowed. The study will be conducted from April till September of 2021.



Photo: Jelgava City


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