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Sākumlapa NewsSand Sculpture park available free of charge
Sand Sculpture park available free of charge

The season of the sand sculpture park ended on October 1, but as the sand artworks are still in good condition, it has been decided that from October 6 the sculptures on the Pasta (Post) Island will be available free of charge.

“From October 6 the Sand sculpture park is available free of charge. Warm and sunny weather during the summer has been very grateful for sculptures, and the weather will have impact on how long they will be on display. To ensure that no one climbs on the sculptures, they are fenced,” says M.Buškevics, the Head of the municipal institution “Kultūra”.


It should be reminded that this year as the city’s 755th anniversary the sculptures were created by implementing the concept of the sculptor Kārlis Īle as a dedication to Jelgava and its history in the form of exhibition. The story of the sculptures begins with reindeer hunters and ancient Semigallians on the bank of the Lielupe River and ends with the first sugar factory in Latvia and the band “Brainstorm”, while also depicting events such as first hot air balloon flight and Kazanova’s visit to Jelgava.


The Sand sculpture park welcomed more than 43 thousand times during season: 8618 visitors from 20 to 30 June, in July – 19 974, in August – 10 132, in September – 2815 visitors.