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Sākumlapa NewsThe brightest events of 2023 in Jelgava
The brightest events of 2023 in Jelgava

As we’re about to step into the new year of 2024, let’s take a quick look back at what Jelgava experienced in 2023 and what was accomplished – highlighting some of the most noteworthy events in our city.

The most modern Technology High School

Following a complete school reconstruction, in September, students and educators of Jelgava Technology High School returned to their premises. It’s safe to say that it is the most modern technology high school in the country, creating an educational environment aimed at developing students’ practical skills, creativity, and interest in IT and engineering sciences.

Kindergarten  “Alnītī” educates 160 children

In April, the new municipal kindergarten “Alnītis” was opened at 31A Brīvības Boulevard. In the renovated building, 160 little residents of Jelgava are studying across eight groups.

State President in Jelgava

On the 164th birthday of Latvia’s first State President Jānis Čakste, Latvia’s State President Edgars Rinkēvičs visited Jelgava. The President emphasized: “Jelgava has merged quality daily life with an active business environment.” During the visit, he planted an oak in the President’s Square created last year, and also met with high school students, university students, and entrepreneurs in the city.

Kindergarten on Nameja Street

Work continues on another kindergarten construction project in Jelgava. The construction project for the Nameja Street kindergarten is being submitted for support from EU funds. Meanwhile, streets are being reconstructed, and infrastructure around the prospective kindergarten is being arranged.

New Pavement on Aizsargu Street and Roundabout

One of the most anticipated projects in the city – the reconstruction of the Jelgava bypass road – finally commenced this summer. Aizsargu Street was first revamped, and now, asphalt has been laid on the roundabout as well. Works will continue next year when the road towards Mežciems will also be refurbished.

Bronze Medalists – Dans and Renārs

May brought hockey fever. The Latvian national hockey team, including Jelgava’s hockey players Renārs Krastenbergs and Dans Ločmelis, achieved a historic success – winning bronze medals in the World Championship. The games were intense, and the support from Jelgava residents was equally fervent for our hockey players – it united and inspired many! We welcomed and congratulated our heroes from Tampere with special warmth back home.

Zemgale Industrial Park

EU funding has been secured for the development of the Zemgale Industrial Park. The total project cost is planned at 24.2 million euros, with the initial phase involving reconstruction of sections of Atmodas Street, Lapskalna Street, Slokas Street, and resurfacing work on a segment of Meiju Street.

Switching from Gas to Granules

“Gren Jelgava” has put into operation two local granule boiler houses – on Kalnciema Street and Neretas Street. Both have been refurbished to transition from using natural gas to utilizing renewable energy resources – wood pellets. This enhances the city’s heating security and further promotes energy independence.

Center “Špaktele”

In late September, the youth of Jelgava gained a new center – “Špaktele” on Pasta Street 44. Here, youngsters aged 13 to 25 can actively spend their leisure time, attend events and activities, acquire skills through various workshops, and express themselves creatively.

Night Half Marathon Returns to Jelgava

On July 29, the Night Half Marathon returned to Jelgava, drawing nearly 2800 participants eager to experience the thrill of sports. They engaged in disciplines ranging from baby crawling competitions and children’s runs to the half marathon.


The unfinished maternity hospital near the city hospital has been demolished. The next step is to construct an Infectious Diseases Department and Chronic Patient Care Unit in its place.

July united us with Song and Dance Festival

36 Jelgava ensembles – in total 1171 participants – were part of the 150th Jubilee General Latvian Song and Dance Festival. The festivities were stirring and deeply touching!

Renovation of the Central Primary School Stadium

The renovation of the Jelgava Central Primary School stadium has begun. It will feature modern sports infrastructure for the school and a well-maintained area suitable for conducting lessons, outdoor experiments, and extracurricular educational activities.

Asphalting of Celtnieku Street Section

To enhance traffic safety, especially following the reconstruction of the Technology High School, an asphalt-concrete pavement has been laid on the segment of Celtnieku Street from Satiksmes Street to Traktoristu Street, along with the installation of speed bumps to reduce speed.