SIA "Jelgavas tirgus" pamatkapitāla palielināšanas noteikumi 
Jelgavas pilsētas domes sēde tika pieņemts lēmums Nr.8/13 “Privātā kapitāla piesaiste pašvaldības SIA “Jelgavas tirgus””. Atbilstoši lēmumam, 29.jūlijā notika SIA “Jelgavas tirgus” ārkārtas dalībnieku sapulce (protokols Nr.2/2016), kurā tika apstiprināti uzņēmuma pamatkapitāla palielināšanas noteikumi. SIA “Jelgavas tirgus” ir Jelgavas pilsētas pašvaldībai piederoša kapitālsabiedrība. Jelgavas pilsētas attīstības programmā 2014.-2020.gadam ir paredzēta jauna tirgus izveide.

Grozījumi SIA “Jelgavas tirgus” pamatkapitāla palielināšanas noteikumos:

2016.gada 18.augustā notika  SIA “Jelgavas tirgus” ārkārtas dalībnieku sapulce, kurā  tika nolemts pagarināt pieteikuma SIA “Jelgavas tirgus” kapitāla daļu iegūšanai iesniegšanas termiņu līdz 2016.gada 1.septembra plkst.12:00.
Development project of multi modal logistics center 07.09.2015.
Purpose of the project
The project involves creation of the multi-modal logistics center, located on the axis of the Transnational Transport Corridor "Europe - Asia" at the former airport of Jelgava, which will focus mainly on the processing of cargo delivery by all means of transportation: Aviation, railway, road and sea transport.
Characteristics of teritory
Jelgava is national meaning development centre, forth biggest city of Latvia. City is located in Zemgale’s plain centre, Latvias’ centre. Distance to Riga is 42km, to border of Lithuania – 34km. International and National meaning transport corridores are crossing Jelgava, which is the main precondition for logistics development in town. City right now is developing in to economic activieties, education, health, culture, sport, science and industrial centre.

Project area will be located on the former airfield of Jelgava (Latvia), covering an area of over 500 hectares of land. The area is municipal property and in accordance with the Jelgava City long-term development strategy until 2030 it is intended to be developed as a priority area of business development and economic activities.
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1. Airport (cargo) with runway 3.6 kilometers, the necessary parking areas, taxiways and with the necessary infrastructure;
2. Railway Logistics Center with a developed rail junction, with container terminal,  full-length paths, a network of internal roads and grounds. The planned capacity of the terminal - more than 500,000 containers per year
3. Development of Jelgava river cargo terminal on the river Lielupe for connection to the Riga seaport (40 km)

Benefits of the project
Opportunity to consolidate European export goods to Asia as well as in the opposite direction. The possibility of a full-fledged communication container trains between Europe and Asia.
Potential clients:
- railway companies;
- logistics companies;
- wholesale and manufacturing companies.

Multi modal logistics centre will perform an intermediate link in separation of cargo and containers in the region, among all the ports of the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia and consignees as well as shippers of cargo consolidation of the above ports by all modes of transport (sea, rail, road and air transport).
Multi modal logistics centre also offer Bonded Warehousing services in the Airport, Train Station and Seaport Logistic Centers to provide a better services for consignees that need to make overload, preparing for transshipment and assembling of goods before re-directing to their Final Destination of the cargoes. 
Logistics Centre will offer all the existing range for freight carriers and transport services, stevedoring, storage, labeling, assembly, sorting, reloading goods from containers to trailers, airplanes both directions.